TONY HARRIS performs lead vocals and rhythmguitar. Tony has been in different bands since leaving school. In 1990 he turned professional with the Alan James Band and played summer seasons at Butlins and toured the Northeast. In 1996 Tony was invited to play alongside Boyzone and Sean Maguire at the Oxford Apollo theatre. Originally a drummer he has now turned his thoughts to singing and really enjoys entertaining.

JACKIE HARRIS on bass guitar and harmony vocals. Jackie met Tony in 1991 when he was playing at Butlins during the summer season. They were married in 1995 where Jackie played bass for the first time at the reception. Later the same year they both formed rock and roll band The Midnight Dynamos who performed at many rock and roll festivals around the country. In 2002 Jackie gave birth to their first child but still plays in the band on a part time basis. In her absence experienced Mark Phillips plays bass.

GARY CHURCH on lead guitar, harmony and vocals. Gary joined Move It in October 2013 replacing long time guitarist Johnny Hinks. Gary is the owner of Didcot’s leading estate agent Church Robinson and has been playing guitar for 35 years. Gary comes from a family with varied musical tastes and his dad sang Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Elvis and was a massive Perry Commo Fan. Gary's tastes are firmly in the Rock & Roll camp.

TREVOR JOY on drums and harmony vocals. Trev began drumming back in 1978. He began to play live when he reached the age of 18. From then on, he played the London circuit with a band called Everything Crash supporting the Vibrators and SLF in the punk days. He then joined a seven-piece soul band for 22 years playing all the great old soul songs. From there he helped create a 3-piece rock band playing great songs from Cream, Hendrix and Gary Moore for 10 years. He then realised the Rock & Roll music of the 50's and early 60's was not played a lot anymore so he then helped to create a Rock and Roll band called Blue Streak, for 8 years he played all the great songs from that era. Sadly the band split up at the end of 2019. Trev loved the Rock & Roll so much he then joined Move It in 2020